Citadel Garages


Security is our biggest priority. The facility is entirely enclosed with 18-foot walls and an 8-foot gate. There will be video surveillance 24 hours a day throughout the common areas, entrances, exits, and any key areas throughout the facility. There is also security patrol during non-business hours.


There are 11 different sizes available. These include:

Width Depth Sq. Ft. Opening Door Type
14’ 30’ 420 12’ Roll-up
14’ 40’ 560 12’ Roll-up
14’ 50’ 700 12’ Roll-up
17’ 40’ 680 14’ Roll-up
17’ 55’ 935 15’ Bi-fold
24’ 55’ 1,320 22’ Bi-fold
34’ 60’ 2,040 31’ Bi-fold
41’ 60’ 2,460 36’ Bi-fold
41’ 60’ 2,460 38’ Bi-fold

*all units have a 14’ door height

There are also two unique corner units sized at 2,900 and 4,600 square feet with bi-fold doors (think aircraft hangar).

Each unit has insulated walls, doors, and ceilings to minimize the effect of temperature changes. Anyone who frequents the Coachella Valley is aware of the high temperatures during the day. The insulation in the unit leads to a climate-controlled space. Your vehicles and equipment won’t be subject to overheating.

There is plenty of space to maneuver your vehicles throughout the paved driveways in the facility. The driveways vary in size. The smallest driveway is 55 feet in front of the smaller units and the largest driveway is 75 feet in front of the larger units.

Every unit is equipped with 100 Amp capability and RV chargers.


A wash area is available on site. It has catwalks on both sides of the 20-foot-wide wash area giving easy access to wash the top of your vehicles and other hard to reach places. There is also a dump station on site. When you store your toys at Citadel Garages you have a one-stop location to handle all your needs.


You can access your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everyone at Citadel Garages is given a unique key card for the entry gate to utilize after-hours access. You will have a personal key for your individual unit.